Individual Accent Reduction Training

Does your accent interfere with your performance at work? Do you frequently have to repeat
yourself? When your job depends on clear communication, having an accent can limit your success. Accent Reduction can help you improve your speaking skills so that you can speak English with confidence. During your first session, we will perform a thorough assessment to identify the sounds, rhythm and intonation you will need to focus on to improve your speaking skills. This is done by reading a list of words, as well as a few simple passages. You will also be asked to speak on certain topics. Based on the analysis of your speaking patterns, we will create a customized plan of instruction, and determine which accent modification techniques will best address your specific needs.

A certified Speech-Language Pathologist will explain and demonstrate new speaking techniques in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You will have numerous opportunities to practice these techniques and receive personalized feedback. You will be given homework exercises to practice what you have learned in class. In a short time, you will be using new patterns of speaking, leading you to clearer communication and greater confidence.

You will learn how to:

* Discriminate between the sounds of American English and the sound substitutions that you use
* Accurately pronounce the English vowels and consonants that don't occur in your native language
* Use the correct intonation (melody and stress) for American English
* Use the correct forms of syllable and word stress in English
* Eliminate vocal qualities that are not part of American English such as a monotone or a high pitch
* Speak English smoothly by linking words together to reduce choppiness
* Speak with an effective volume and rate of speech
* Understand cross-cultural factors which affect communication
* Use techniques for continued self-correction and self-study