Accent Reduction for Businesses and Professionals

Clear communication is essential to success in business. Corporations know that strong communication skills can translate into increased sales. Often, foreign speakers of English have a good command of grammar, but their speech is difficult to understand. A strong accent can create misunderstandings and frustration in the workplace and cause potential clients to go elsewhere. If your company hires foreign born professionals, Accent Reduction training can support your success by improving the speaking skills of your employees.

Group and Individual Trainings

Serving central Massachusetts, face to face interactive sessions are offered at the location of your choice. The first meeting will include an assessment of each participant. This will identify the sounds, rhythm and intonation we will need to focus on to improve communication. In the following sessions, participants will learn effective speaking techniques through demonstrations. They will have numerous opportunities to practice skills and receive personalized feedback.

Benefits to Your Company

* Enhance client retention and satisfaction
* Increase productivity and revenue
* Maximize work efficiency
* Improve professional image

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